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Check out our new 3D imaging service designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic—which in turn helps bring about peak performance and health

We welcome and value patient referrals!

Do you know someone who shoveled too fast or too much?

Did someone you know have a slip and fall on the ice?

When traveling, did anyone you care about end up in a motor-vehicle accident due to bad roads?

Urge them to call us today for an appointment so that everyone can start the year pain free!!

Our Mission

Since Commonwealth Chiropractic opened in 1982, we have been known as the office you can trust.

You can trust that, in most cases, you will be seen within 24 hours, and that you will receive a comprehensive exam and evaluation at your first visit. If Dr. Leeder finds that chiropractic care is not the best treatment for your condition at that time, you can trust that he will refer you, without hesitation, to the appropriate health care professionals. If your condition can be helped through chiropractic care, you can trust that Dr. Leeder will design an individual treatment program for you, and that he will explain all diagnoses, procedures and therapies in advance. You can trust that your health information will remain confidential. You can trust that our billing office will do the very best to obtain the maximum insurance reimbursement for you. You can trust our front office to treat you with respect and efficiency.

At Commonwealth Chiropractic we are all committed to restoring your optimum health and well-being with drugless, non-invasive, gentle and effective chiropractic care.

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The O2 Zone

The O2 Zone guided meditation CD, by Asher Leeder, D.C.

The O2 Zone

Cost: $1.99 for a downloading version.

Call the office
617-739-0046 to purchase and get an access link

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