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Check out our new 3D imaging service designed with the ultimate goal of creating the perfect orthotic—which in turn helps bring about peak performance and health

We welcome and value patient referrals!

Do you know someone who shoveled too fast or too much?

Did someone you know have a slip and fall on the ice?

When traveling, did anyone you care about end up in a motor-vehicle accident due to bad roads?

Urge them to call us today for an appointment so that everyone can start the year pain free!!

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Some important backpack safety tips to remember:

1. Load heavier items closest to the back

2. Clean out and organize backpack once a week

3. Wear backpack properly, using both shoulder straps

4. The backpack should weigh no more than 15% of the child's body weight

5. Students should speak up if they feel any discomfort

Regularly scheduled appointments with your chiropractor will keep you and your family healthy and whole


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Welcome to the Commonwealth Chiropractic website! We are proud to introduce the new online extension of Commonwealth Chiropractic, where you will find many new features to help you get the most out of your health care.


Please check out the services area where you will find great information about the gentle and effective care we offer. We also have a new Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic section therapies. You can also download your New Patient forms online - saving you time and helping the doctor get a careful and complete history.


The Boston calendar is up! Also we've added an Online Spinal Self Help Workshop for those patients who have never participated in this important step in achieving total wellness.


We've added a new section just for you! Go here to learn why doctors and lawyers prefer Commonwealth Chiropractic for the needs of their patients and clients.

First Visit

Your initial visit begins with a consultation. Your doctor takes a case history and asks about your past and present condition(s). Next, the doctor performs a full orthopedic, physical, neurological, and chiropractic examination to evaluate the nature of your problem. more »

Second Visit

At your next appointment, the doctor reviews the results of your tests with you to determine if your condition falls under the scope of chiropractic treatment. If the doctor decides that your condition is not suited to chiropractic care, we will refer you to another highly qualified specialist and provide them with a full report of our findings. more »

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The O2 Zone

The O2 Zone guided meditation CD, by Asher Leeder, D.C.

The O2 Zone

Cost: $1.99 for a downloading version.

Call the office
617-739-0046 to purchase and get an access link

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